Advanced Phase Measurement has just launched this month. This new product is an upgrade to the Micro Motion Model 5700 Transmitter. This new upgrade allows for a more detailed look into your process – including exceptional multi-phase flow measurement.

With Advanced Phase Measurement, you can get real-time data so you can respond quickly to any changes in your process. There is no more waiting around to confirm your production targets are on track – you get the information when you need it.

Some more benefits and features of this upgrade include:

  • Continuous real-time data with +/-3% accuracy in up to 15% GVF
  • Automatically captures production flow data for multiple phases
  • Provides measurements and alerts directly at the wellhead
  • Ideal for low gas applications
  • Includes Micro Motion Net Oil Computer software
  • Requires minimal upfront capital expenditure
  • Delivers actionable insights
  • Eliminates the need for expensive testing
  • Little to no maintenance or recalibration
  • Eliminates the risk of mechanical upsets due to no moving parts
  • Will give you a lifetime of reliable performance

For more information about Advanced Phase Measurement, view the video here.