Over the next couple of months we will be highlighting a few Emerson Exchange abstracts to help you decide what workshops and sessions you want to attend.

One of the first abstracts we will cover is from Emerson’s Tim Drost and Laura Schafer. In their presentation, Reduce Chemical Injection Costs with Confidence in your Measurement, they will provide a critical examination of a chemical injection system and practices that may yield tremendous OPEX savings for an operator.

Chemicals are a necessary expense – without preventive chemicals, scales and waxes could plug tubing, shutdown facilities, hydrates could block production, costing up to $1M/day in shut-in production as its dissociated. Without corrosion inhibitor, complete loss of well or infrastructure could occur over time. With such severe consequences, producers consistently inject more than the recommended quantity of chemical. A sampling of producers interviewed showed that chemical is typically over-injected by ~20%…… and the annual cost of over injection for a single chemical on a single platform run at 20% additional could be as high as $400,000!

By improving chemical injection system reliability, operators can drop that excess spend without the risk of under-injection, immediately improving the bottom line. With Micro Motion technology, one major oil and gas operator reduced chemical spend over 40% with a more reliable chemical injection measurement system.

To learn more about this case study and how this can help in your chemical injection application, make sure to register for Emerson Exchange 2016. If you register before August 31st you can save $400!

If you can’t make the conference, make sure to interact with flow measurement experts in the comment section below, or the Emerson Exchange 365 community.