Improve your measurement practices by tapping into our deep application expertise at the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM) in Oklahoma City, May 16-18, 2017. Join our flow experts for hands-on classes and presentation sessions and learn how you can improve the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of your measurement operations.

Take part in in-exhibit product demos by visiting our booth C 9,10,11 & D 9,10. Let our experts show you how our wide range of flow measurement devices are designed to take complexity out of your flow measurement and address your toughest application challenges.

We also look forward to having you join us for a hospitality event and a magical night at Bricktown Brewery on May 17, 6-9 pm. Engineer-turned-Magician Michael Carducci will be performing his amazing mind-blowing sleight of hand tricks and more. We’ll also have plenty of food and ice cold beer to help you unwind and take a well-deserved break after a busy day of classes. All ISHM students are welcome. Please RSVP here if you plan to attend.

Lecture Classes Presented by Emerson Flow Subject Matter Experts

1200.1 Mass Meters for Gas Measurement
Presented by Marc Buttler
1270.1 Orifice Meters – Operation and Maintenance
Presented by Steve Ifft
2010.1 Application of Densitometers to Liquid Measurement
Presented by Dean Minehart
2090.1 Design, Operation, and Maintenance of LACT Units
Presented by Dean Minehart
2490.1 Advanced Diagnostic Measurements and Verification with Coriolis Flow Meters
Presented by Marc Buttler
4140.1 Theory and Application of Pulse Interpolation to Prover Systems
Presented by Dave Seiler
6020.1 Controlling Surges in Liquid Pipelines
Presented by Dave Seiler

Hands-on Classes Led by Emerson Flow Subject Matter Experts

911.1 Daniel Orifice Fitting & Tube Inspection
Presented by James Boettcher, Steve Ifft, Rick Bell, & Ana Vigil
912.1 Daniel Senior Orifice Fitting Operation & Maintenance
Presented by Steve Ifft, Rick Bell, & Ana Vigil
915.3 Daniel Ultrasonic Meters (attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops to this class)
Presented by David Brown
917.1 Micro Motion Gas Coriolis Meters
Presented by Cole Bowen
921.1 Daniel Liquid Turbine Meters
Presented by Dave Seiler
923.1 Micro Motion Liquid Coriolis Meters
Presented by Dan Elze