There are many ways to improve conversion, optimize energy usage, increase reliability, and improve safety in batch specialty chemical facilities. Batch reactor performance is one of the most critical components impacting a facility’s through-put and, ultimately, the bottom line. Manual intervention and unreliable instrument operation in a batching environment can introduce unexpected problems with final product quality, production flexibility, and have negative EHS implications.

With proper automation of batch reactors, facilities can improve reactor utilization by up to 30%, reduce down time between batches as well as significantly reduce raw material and energy usage.

By applying the best solution, you can match the right level of measurement accuracy and control for optimum performance in your facility. Being able to use in-service diagnostics on reactors enables predictive maintenance on these units to reduce down time and prevent or resolve in-situ upsets. Properly applying automation and “best fit” instrumentation on a batch reactor can solve the pains faced by many specialty chemical producers.

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