Events and tradeshows are one of the ways the Emerson Flow Solutions team likes to connect with customers. It’s where we showcase our products and solutions. At these events we have subject matter experts on hand to talk about – and where possible demonstrate – our products or present on new features that might be of interest to you. Recently we set up our booth at the Smart Mining Expo in Denver, Colorado, to showcase four new Emerson Mining Solutions:

Transfer Chute Optimizer

This solution was developed to improve productivity, availability, and operational continuity at materials handling operations in mining environments. The solution uses vibration monitoring and a proprietary Expert System to predict and detect chute blockages in real-time. Early warnings allow for automated control actions or operator response to reduce overall incidence of blockages, while reliable detection eliminates costly false positives and non-detections.

Hydrocyclones Optimizer

The Hydrocyclones Optimizer solution improves productivity through online recognition and real-time alerts on classification losses from roping and plugging; thus avoiding metallurgical losses, damage to the plants, and unscheduled production shutdowns.

Leach Optimizer

The Leach Optimizer significantly impacts the autonomy and efficiency of heap leaching operations for different metals. It enables an increase in operational productivity, reduces production and the maintenance costs, and improves safety performance.

Plantweb Advisor for mining equipment

A digital/cloud platform and artificial intelligence for mining assets reliability management.

As you can see, we are always working on ways to increase efficiency, and to offer solutions that optimize operations and make them safer.