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Tonya Wyatt

Tonya Wyatt is the Process Gas and Chemical Industry Manager at Micro Motion. She loves ELITE CMFS meters because of how well they measure gas. Tonya is a Colorado native. She loves to do volunteer work (even when it involved acting in a haunted house). On the weekends you can find Tonya spending time with family at musicals, plays or making crafts.


Laura Schafer

Laura Schafer is the Business Development Director for Upstream Oil and Gas at Micro Motion. Her favorite products are the ELITE High Capacity meters – specifically for drilling. She grew up in the Midwest in Omaha, Nebraska. When she isn't attending an Oil & Gas tradeshow, she enjoys hiking 14,000 ft mountains in the Colorado Rockies.


Jason Leapley

Jason Leapley is a Product Line Business Manager at Micro Motion. He is responsible for marketing and managing new products. He is a Colorado native, born in Longmont, CO. When he isn't working, he loves eating a perfectly grilled steak and drinking a nice cold beer. In his free time, Jason enjoys playing the guitar and spending time with his daughters.


Patrick Zimmer

Patrick Zimmer is the Manager for Marine Engineering and Services. Therefore, his favorite product is the High Capacity Coriolis flowmeter (CMFHC3) for marine bunkering. Patrick was born in Denver, but has lived all over the world – Colorado, Wyoming, Egypt and Russia. When he isn’t working on a barge, he is skiing with friends and family.


Marc Buttler

Marc Buttler is the Global Midstream Oil and Gas Industry Director at Micro Motion, Emerson. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado. Marc has been with Emerson for a total of 29 years in a wide variety of roles. Marc has specialized in custody transfer applications involving both gas and liquid products for many years. He is active with the API Committee[...]


April Lujan

April Lujan is the e-Commerce Marketing Manager at Micro Motion. She is responsible for managing and promoting the Online Store. She was born in Albuquerque, NM. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and roller blading around town.


Taylor Scott

Software Product Specialist, Emerson Automation Solutions


Tom O'Banion

Tom O’Banion is the Director of Innovation at Micro Motion. Tom has worked for Micro Motion for over 25 years. When he isn’t submerged in flow measurement research, he is grilling brats at home. He grew up in North Denver, but spent a majority of his young life in rural Illinois on a 500 acre farm. Some of his favorite hobbies include guiding and racing with visually impaired runners and raising[...]


Allison Marten

Allison Marten is the Marketing Communications Specialist at Rosemount in Eden Prairie, MN. She is responsible for marketing material involving Vortex and Magnetic meters. She was born in Minneapolis, MN. When she isn’t working, she enjoys baking and eating Italian food.


Hans Loewenheath

Hans Loewenheath is the Product Specialist for Density and Viscosity products at Micro Motion. He is responsible for marketing and managing the Density and Viscosity product portfolio. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado. He grew up in New Mexico and enjoys spending time biking and skiing.


Lindsay Fisher

Lindsay Fisher is the Marketing Operations Analyst at Micro Motion. She grew up in the flatlands of Ohio. Her favorite thing to eat is Mexican food. On the weekends, she enjoys spending her time in the Colorado Mountains – skiing, hiking, camping and hanging out with her dog, Dillon.