What could your business do if your people had more time on their hands and could direct their efforts toward something other than maintenance? The fact is predictive and preventive maintenance services are important work. However, according to Gartner, a full 50% of all maintenance work may be unnecessary and 10% is actually harmful.1

Here are a few good reasons:

  1. Unnecessary repairs and part replacement causes infant mortality in equipment due to improper repair, improper use of parts, improper start-up, etc. Significant problems often occur after a shutdown.2
  2. Quality of maintenance is also a major contributory factor affecting safety and operational costs.3

We are not saying that you can or should eliminate maintenance. But, we are saying that you can find other, valuable ways to utilize finite resources. Some opportunities lie in:

  1. Improving HSE – Investing more into HSE is an investment into the future of the organization. The better your safety record, the more attractive you are to potential employees. And, for many people, improving HSE is more rewarding and engaging, especially in light of the frequently changing regulatory landscape.
  2. Inspiring Innovation Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in your organization was given the opportunity to brainstorm more? Spending less time on maintenance and more for innovation.
  3. Increasing Retention – With many oil and gas companies poaching employees from competitors, creating an environment where cutting edge processing is the norm and employees need time to stretch or hone their skills could inspire loyalty.
  4. Investing in Training – Would better training increase the quality of maintenance, helping to solve the issue discussed in reason #2 above? We think so. And, we also believe that it would deliver excellent ROI in regard to efficiencies.
  5. Elevating Production – The bottom line is that whether you have less planned or unplanned (read system interruption) downtime, you increase production.

Traditional metering technologies require a lot of experience to operate and maintain. In the U.S. alone, many large oil & gas employers risk losing 50-80% of their retirement-eligible population in the next five years.*

One way to combat that experience drain is to transition to smart Coriolis, Vortex, Ultrasonic or Differential Pressure flow meters equipped with condition based flow monitoring and real-time meter health diagnostics software. You’ll drastically reduce maintenance, eliminate calibration and associated downtime and be able redirect time to other priorities –sharpening process accuracy and maximizing revenue.

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