January is a time for us to take a look back before we plan for the new year. In looking over our blog offerings from 2018 we pulled together the top 5 posts that resonated the most with you, our readers.

Checking the engagement statistics, we identified these 5 posts as most popular:

  1. Flow Meter Sizing and Selection Just Went from Good to Great: Choosing the right flow meter can be tough. That’s why we’ve developed an easy to use online Sizing & Selection tool.
  2. Liquid Density Measurement – Combining the ‘Tried and Tested’ With the Latest Innovations: Liquid densitometers, according to many process, EPC and instrumentation engineers, are essential to efficient plant operations.
  3. Coriolis Flow Meters: Achieve Dependable Performance from Your Mass Flow Meter: We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 tips for Coriolis flow meter maintenance to improve safety and productivity.
  4. Flow Measurement Analytics in Action!: The need for more powerful diagnostics in flow measurement is present in the plant today. And for that, we have Smart Meter Verification.
  5. Addressing the Elephant in the Plant: Is IIoT Slowing You Down?: Is there a danger of too much connectivity?

Our most popular blogs in 2018 were about selecting the right flow meter for the job, the value liquid density meters bring to the plant, Coriolis flow meter best practices, flow measurement diagnostics and IIoT. As we roll out new products and tools, we will continue to offer you information you can use in making decisions as well as practical information and stories from the field.

If at any time you would like to talk to one of our experts, please get in touch with us here.