Promoting Content that Makes Your Job Easier

You may have seen the recent Micro Motion blog post talking about “The Wall of Innovation” at Micro Motion, by Innovation Marketing Manager, Katie Sullivan. As Katie mentioned, we talk a lot about solutions here at the factory, and put a lot of effort into sharing insights across our product development groups. These shared experiences are invaluable because it can mean the difference between struggling to find a solution and determining one with ease.

In my line of work, we put a lot of energy towards understanding what information or digital tools you, our customers, may need. Any dialogue – via the “Wall of Pain,” a customer field visit, or a conversation in the hallway with product support – that allows us to better understand your daily challenges makes our jobs easier, if for the fact that we can better help you.

Micro Motion has been working hard to produce the digital resources that you can use to do your job best. Whether you’re purchasing a meter, planning an installation, or wanting our expert support – we’re focused on providing the content or tools that you need. And, we know that having easy (and seamless) access to this information at every stage is paramount.

We also know that you’re busy. Spending time trying to find the information that you need can be overwhelming – particularly in our new world of “content overload.” We want to make it easier for you. So, through a series of blogs, we plan to highlight some of the cool tools that Micro Motion has available.

“You Need a Drawing for Everything”

During a recent field visit, a process engineer said to me: “When you’re designing systems, you need a drawing for everything.” Micro Motion knows that access to complete, certified product drawings is a requirement for the many industries that we support.

To accommodate those needs, we offer a 2D/3D CAD Drawing Tool that is accessible through our Online Store. This tool allows you to download 2D or 3D product CAD data in a desired format for your use. For example, you can choose to create a 2D drawing saved as a PDF, or download 3D product information saved as an IGES CAD file. And, because this tool is managed through the Store, the product model code is automatically validated when you choose to create a drawing through this interface.

Robert Mancha, one of the lead Mechanical Designers on this tool’s development, said: “Originally, we manually created drawings for our customers, which led to having to manage several thousands of drawings. Any change to the data required a high level of effort and time to update each of those files.”

Robert continued to say that because of the intensive effort to manage the manually created drawing files their group started the idea of automating the drawing development. Long story short, a few years later they had a fully integrated online tool that allowed the customer to access and create their own product drawings.

Automation has certainly been a win for Micro Motion, but also a big win for our customers. According to Robert, automation allows better customization of the drawings – as any drawing now includes the product model code, construction material and weight information. Plus, customers now have immediate access to this information online, 24/7. And, Robert added: “We’re adding the Center of Gravity information to every product drawing – it will be default information on the print.” That feature is yet to come, but it will soon be down the pike.

You choose the products, and we deliver the drawings. Check out the drawing tool interface here — simply log in as an Online Store Guest and you’ll be automatically directed to the drawing tool interface.