Emerson’s Micro Motion ELITE® family of meters was launched in the early 90s to meet a growing need for precision mass flow and density measurement in applications. Over the years, as industries evolved and applications became more complex, we recognized a need to expand the family of ELITE meters.

The ELITE family has grown to include 16 sizes. Some of the benefits of these meters include:

• Ability to achieve the best fit for your flow measurement with a wide range of tube designs and flow rate coverage to best suit your needs

• Peak performance in a drainable design with a variety of industry approvals for use in strictly regulated operations

• Scalable platform for a broad application coverage including hygienic, cryogenic, high pressure and high temperature

• Unparalleled performance in two-phase flow conditions

• Calibration using state-of-the-art calibration stands achieving ±0.014% uncertainty and compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 standards

• Highest immunity to fluid, process or environmental effects for superb measurement confidence

• Smart Meter Verification, which allows for advanced diagnostics in your entire system without taking the meter out of line – significantly cutting operating expenses by reducing labor and outsourced calibration service costs

Micro Motion recently decided to expand the ELITE line of meters; the result is the ELITE CMF350, which became available in June. This meter, which serves all process industries, specifically helps with medium-to-large flow rates. As with the rest of the ELITE line, this meter offers the most accurate and repeatable mass measurement for liquids, gases or slurries.

For more information on the ELITE line of meters, or CMF350, check out www.micromotion.com